Blah blah blah Mobs. Dyadamus includes several new mobs and variations of familiar mobs to expand and improve the playing experience.

New MobsEdit

Passive MobsEdit

Passive mobs will never attack the player. As of yet there are no new passive mobs in Dyadamus.

Neutral MobsEdit

Neutral mobs will not attack the player unless provoked. As of yet there are no new neutral mobs in Dyadamus.


Hostile mobs will attack any play in range. There are no new hostile mobs in Dyadamus at this time but there are many planned.

Utility MobsEdit

Utility mobs are mobs that are created by and serve the player.

Planned MobsEdit

There are many mobs planned for Dyadamus. Many are variations on pre-existing mobs but there are a few new ones in the works as well.

Current MobsEdit


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