Crops are cultivated plants used in agriculture. In Minecraft this generally includes any plant grown on farmland for the purpose of yielding a particular product. Some examples include Wheat and Carrots. Other plants may be considered Crops including Cocoa Plants or plants introduced in Dyadamus including Berry Bushes or Fruit Trees.

New CropsEdit

Dyadamus introduces a large variety of new crops to add depth to the player experience. These crops come in a variety of forms and produce a variety of items.

Farmland Crops
Crop Growth Type
Bean Short
Brocolli Short
Cantaloupe Stem
Corn Short
Cucumber Short
Eggplant Stem
Grape Tall
Honeydew Stem
Lettuce Short
Onion Short
Peppers, Bell Short
Peppers, Hot Short
Rice Short
Squash Stem
Tomato Tall
Soybean Short
Strawberry Short
Sweet Potato Short
Basil Short
Ginger Short
Cabbage Short
Artichoke Short
Pineapple Stem
Tea Short
Barley Tall

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